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Empreendedorismo de ELITE: Tyler LaMotte (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

Viagens / 21/09/2020

Nessa entrevista da Coluna Empreendedorismo de ELITE, confira a entrevista que fizemos com Tyler Lamotte. Um dos destinos de montanha mais icônicos do mundo, o Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, amplia seus investimentos no Brasil e mostra a grande importância do mercado brasileiro.


Os amantes dos esportes de inverno certamente já ouviram falar de Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. O destino de montanha icônico está localizado em Teton Village, em Wyoming nos Estados Unidos e é conhecido por proporcionar experiências realmente autênticas aos seus visitantes.


Entrevistamos Tyler LaMotte, Chief Brand Officer do Resort. Ele também expressa sua satisfação com o novo investimento: “Há mais de dez anos o Brasil tem sido um mercado muito importante para nós. Apesar desses tempos incertos, esperamos que as viagens internacionais voltem em breve e os brasileiros possam desfrutar das belezas e experiências que Jackson Hole tem para oferecer”.



Confira a entrevista abaixo:


Corporate Culture


Vitor Horvah: How did the corporate cultures of Apple, Patagonia and Adidas contribute to the formation of your professional identity. How do they impact your brand management at JHMR?

Tyler Lamotte: Every organization has its own unique brand culture, style, structure, values, process, and priorities. How these attributes rank in an organization has had a direct relationship with how corporate culture has shaped my identity.

I’m thankful to have worked across a wide variety of corporate cultures varying in industry, size, and reach. Whether Apple, Patagonia, or Adidas, a common cultural thread has been passion – passion for sport, passion for product, passion for design, passion for sustainability. These are all passions that I share and that continue to be intertwined in my career today.

As my career has progressed, so have my professional and personal priorities. My aspirations continue to shift towards pursuits that drive greater fulfillment, meaning, and work that align with my values.

With JHMR being a relatively small company compared to Adidas, Apple, and Patagonia, the opportunity to make an impact with a values led approach in an industry that I love was a key attraction for me. And with a family run business that is privately held, that puts people over profit, and is focused on delivering a memorable experience for employees and guests alike, I realized I could align my passions to help differentiate and elevate the brand experience at JHMR.

As my iPhone now sits in the pocket of my Patagonia jacket while I wear Adidas on my feet as I type my response to these questions from my desk at JHMR, it’s easy to see how all these brands are interrelated for me and formative in applying those learnings, experience, and passions in my day to day.


Sport and Nature


Vitor Horvath: Your passion for sport and nature became the basis for your professional journey, especially now at JHMR. How does this affect your executive routine and brand planning ?

Tyler Lamotte: It’s an interesting alignment for me as I feel a responsibility and opportunity to transform the guest experience through enabling a deeper connection to nature and sport. In winter, this is more intuitive as our guest primarily visits JHMR to ski and snowboard. In summer, we have such a huge opportunity to reach every guest from every walk of life to experience nature at whatever level they feel comfortable through a wide variety of activities. I like to say that the more people experience nature, the more people are inclined to want to protect it, which results in inspiring more people to become the future stewards of the outdoors. This is central to our brand philosophy and being an enduring business.


Inspiring Change


Vitor Horvath: Providing and inspiring change is key to lasting companies. This stance, however, is not yet present in most companies. What is lacking in corporate culture for this approach to become the rule, in your view?

Tyler Lamotte: Inspiring change starts at every level of an organization. People need to feel empowered, included, and essential in driving transformation across our culture and business. Success also requires setting clear goals with measurable results. And lastly, having a clear vision and shared understanding of the brand purpose. In other words, what are we doing, why are we doing it, why does it matter, what do we want people to feel, how do we make a difference, what is our future and why do we exist beyond making a profit?


Connection to the Non-Urban


Vitor Horvath: The pandemic highlighted peoples’ need to connect with the outside and non-urban. How did this worldwide event impact JHMR’s brand planning?

Tyler Lamotte: As we approached summer and the signs began to show that the pandemic would be ongoing well into summer we understood that the desire to connect with nature safely and recreate with peace of mind would be stronger than ever. We wanted to inform and inspire travelers to visit JHMR with a campaign we called “Return to the Wild”. This was messaging that exemplified our natural environment. The unique and safe big mountain experiences and activities that JHMR offered to enable more people to connect to the outdoors during this crisis. As we transition into winter, and the pandemic continues, we believe more people will continue to seek outdoor experiences. We are well positioned to welcome them back safely for skiing and riding this winter.

Vitor Horvah: In an interview with TL Talks Global you mentioned something interesting. The decision to become 100% Wind Power was “more expensive, but the right thing to do”. We know that this approach is appreciated by millennials and is spreading to other generations as well. What other investments does JHMR plan in this direction?

Tyler Lamotte: In addition to our renewable wind energy efforts, we are also using biodiesel in our off-road equipment, recycling cooking oil to power vehicles, purchasing sustainable cleaning products, providing free public transportation to all our pass holders, sourcing locally grown organic vegetables and meats in our restaurants, reducing paper usage, composting our food waste, reducing single use plastics, shifting our lights to all LED, and setting clear goals with measurable results across every department and much more.


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